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Matthew's girlfriend & #1 supporter

Matthew's little brother

Kidney Transplant Recipient — Who is Matthew?
  1. Matthew is 25 years old and lives in New York City.
  2. He & Danielle, his girlfriend of 6 years, are everything to each other.
  3. His maturity and inner strength are well beyond his years, earning him the respect of his supervisors and peers.
  4. A member of the financial community, he has an exemplary work ethic and superior intellectual capability.
  5. He is charismatic, loving and possesses unwavering family values.
  6. He's got his Dad's drive.
  7. He's got his Mom's energy.
  8. He is a role model to his younger brother, Zachary.
  9. He has an infectious laugh; he is an amazing cook and can drive a golf ball effortlessly 300 yards.
  10. He is an inspiration to all of his friends, demonstrating unconditional support while always encouraging them to chase their dreams.

About Matthew's Condition:

In February 2007, Matthew became very, very sick and his doctors diagnosed him with IgA Nephropathy. Most people with IgA Nephropathy live for 15 years before their kidneys fail. Matthew unfortunately, just five years later, is in need of a second kidney transplant. Today his kidney function levels indicate almost complete failure.