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Matthew with Mom

Matthew with Dad

Our Plea

"He or she who saves one life,
it is as if they have saved the entire world."

-Mishna Sanhedrin 4:5

We never imagined we'd be writing such a difficult letter, we ask only for your understanding and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your kindness and support means the world to us as Matthew faces the biggest challenge of his young life – the imminent need for a second kidney transplant. As you all know, he is a very private person and sharing the reality of his situation has not been easy. And yet he has faced this painful and debilitating illness with dignity, maturity, and admirable determination to get well and get on with his life. We couldn't be more proud and want nothing more than for him to have every opportunity to realize his dreams. We love him more than mere words could ever express.

We'd like to share some updates with you and ask only that you give some thought to helping us achieve the goal of finding a donor. Our reality is that his disease, IgA Nephropathy, has progressed much faster and more aggressively than was initially expected. His amazing doctors have exhausted the option of treatment by medication, and we've learned that if we can avoid dialysis, his prognosis and longevity with a live donor are greatly increased. As a less desirable option, he's joined the long and daunting waiting list for a kidney from a deceased donor.

And so we find ourselves spearheading the most important appeal of our lives – to get the word out and find a suitable donor. The ideal donor is in good health and is blood type O-Positive or O-Negative. There is extensive screening beyond these criteria, but that's a good start. We were devastated to learn that none of us are suitable donors and so we must now search outside the immediate family. We welcome any and all suggestions and ask only for your ideas to further our cause. Nothing is too far-fetched.

We've created this Web site, Here you'll find updates, as well as information related to his condition. Our goal is to obviously help Matthew find a donor, and ultimately create a social network and information resource to help others with his condition.

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude for your ongoing concern, love and support. If we put our collective ideas, resources and creativity towards the task at hand, we will achieve the best possible outcome for Matthew.

Warmest Regards,
Dary, Rob & Danielle